Printing electrical circuits at home

Researchers of Tokyo University, MIT and Microsoft have realized the dream of electronics engineer !

They published today [1], at UbiComp conference, a new paper showing the possibility of printing electrical circuits using a home inkjet printer with special ink developed by Mitshubishi.

Many applications such as RFID, sensors, PCB, etc. can be applied from this technology.

[1] Yoshihiro Kawahara, Steve Hodges, Benjamin Cook, Cheng Zhang, and Gregory Abowd, Instant Inkjet Circuits: Lab-based Inkjet Printing to Support Rapid Prototyping of UbiComp Devices, in to appear in Proceedings of UbiComp 2013, ACM, September 2013

Image Quality Assessment for predicting OCR

The aim of OCR (Optical Character recognition) is to read and transcript the text present in an image.

The most famous commercial OCR software is certainly FineReader from ABBYY company. Omnipage, from Nuance company is also quite famous. For open source OCR, Tesseract (Google) works quite well.

OCR systems works quite well on relatively “new”, black & white, 300dpi document images. Rotation, size and fonts of characters, blur, stains, noise, etc. will decrease the quality of OCR. Most of the time, many preprocessing are applied on images before submitting them to the OCR : deskewing, despeckling, segmentation, etc.

Some researchers are working on predicting OCR by using IQA (Image Quality Assessment). 3 kinds of methods exist : full image reference [1],   reduced reference [2] and without reference [3].

[1] CAPODIFERRO, Licia, JACOVITTI, Giovanni, et DI CLAUDIO, Elio D. Two-Dimensional Approach to Full-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Positional Structural Information. Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on, 2012, vol. 21, no 2, p. 505-516.

[2] REHMAN, Abdul et WANG, Zhou. Reduced-reference image quality assessment by structural similarity estimation. Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on, 2012, vol. 21, no 8, p. 3378-3389.

[3] CIANCIO, Alexandre, DA COSTA, ALN Targino, DA SILVA, Eduardo AB, et al. No-reference blur assessment of digital pictures based on multifeature classifiers. Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on, 2011, vol. 20, no 1, p. 64-75.

CIFED 2012: Best Paper Award

From 21 to 23 March 2012,  the Symposium on Writing and Document (CIFED) held in Bordeaux. Since 1992, every 2 years, CIFED is gathering the French scientific community to expose and exchange ideas around the themes of the written document.

International researchers presented their works about document image analysis and processing. I had the opportunity to participate to this conference, but also to present a part of my thesis work.

At the end of this conference, I had the honor of receiving the Best Paper Award for my work about the recognition of semi-structured documents.

My oral presentation (in French) is available here.